Dom Joly On The War In Europe Which Nobody Knows About

29 October 2018, 15:50

Dom Joly spoke to Shelagh Fogarty about the "forgotten war" in Ukraine, the extent of which he only discovered recently.

At one point during his discussion with Shelagh, Dom spoke about a primary school which he had visited in Ukraine which had been "totally destroyed, shelled, luckily in the summer holidays so there hadn't been anyone there".

Dom revealed that after being re-located to a main school, things appeared relatively normal aside from the "cartoony poster on the wall...teaching kids what to do if they found ordnance, mines or shiny stuff on the floor" and also a big bomb shelter.

Shelagh asked if Dom had met or heard reports of children injured by mines at which point Dom spoke about a 15 year old child he had met called Roman, who he described as "the same age as my boy, he looked identical". The boy had found "something shiny" in a field, which had then exploded and badly damaged his hearing and his arm.

Having witnessed the work that Save the Children are doing in Ukraine, Dom later encouraged listeners to visit the charity's website to read up on the war in Ukraine and to give money to support the charity's work there.