Drillminister on why he's running for Mayor: "I'm the realist Londoner in this election"

28 January 2020, 14:31 | Updated: 28 January 2020, 14:33

The drill music star who is standing for London Mayor told LBC he decided to run because Sadiq Khan is just using the position as a stepping stone to be Prime Minister.

Drillminister spoke to Shelagh Fogarty as he revealed he is standing in the London Mayoral Election in May.

And he insisted that he is only the person in the race that that truly represents Londoners.

He told Shelagh: "I come from a background where it's kill or be killed. We're fighting for our life just to put out music.

"The current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, he's done his ting. He's put in place a benchmark, but the benchmark to me isn't high enough.

"I believe his heart lies in trying to be the first Asian Prime Minister. I don't believe London is where is heart lies. I believe it was where his heart lies to get the promotion and notoriety to take him to the next stage.

"But I don't believe he truly has his heart on London Mayor.

Shelagh spoke to Drillminister
Shelagh spoke to Drillminister. Picture: LBC

"I believe I am the realist Londoner that is in this election. I believe that there is no-one that can identify with the highest in society to the lowest in society and can level with them and make them feel like an equal other than me.

"I believe every single other person in this election is going to be talking down to their constituents to encourage them to vote for them.

"I don't think they're ever going to sit in a homeless shelter for an entire day and say 'How are we going to get all these 100 men [homes]'."

On Rory Stewart, the independent candidate who made waves during the Conservative leadership election, he said: "He's like a doorknob. You can twist him, you can turn him. He's a doorknob.

"He's here for himself. Rory Stewart doesn't represent anyone from my background."

Shelagh asked why he covers his face with a balaclava and he insisted it allows him to tell the truth more than if he didn't.

He revealed: "I'm deliberately being who I am to represent my peers and my community group.

"I didn't want to come into this political rat race and be part of the politicians' facade - wearing the suits and spreading lies.

"I'd rather wear the mask and tell you the truth than to have my face exposed - and then I have to be made accountable for my words - lie to you, which is what a lot of politicians seem to be doing."

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