DUP MP wants a bridge between Britain and Northern Ireland

20 December 2019, 16:20

A DUP MP has said a bridge between Britain and Northern Ireland would be a "grand political statement" after Boris Johnson proposed the idea.

Sammy Wilson told LBC's Shelagh Fogarty that the scheme would "certainly be an improvement in the transport links between Northern Ireland and our main market".

"More importantly, it would be a very grand political statement and very often these Big infrastructure structure projects across the world are as much for as political statements as they are for economic benefit."

The DUP manifesto featured the proposed bridge
The DUP manifesto featured the proposed bridge. Picture: PA Images

Shelagh questioned the Prime Minister ability to get the project done and whether it was even viable.

The MP defend Mr Johnson, saying: "He's an individual who wants to have these grandiose infrastructure projects.

"Certainly the airport in the Thames Estuary didn't happen, However, he's driving forward. He has to because he sees a political benefit of linking the North of England to Northern Ireland."

The proposed bridge featured in the DUP's manifesto in the 2019 general election and a studies have suggested the idea should be taken forward.