Shelagh Fogarty's Forensic Interview Of Boris Backer Priti Patel

23 July 2019, 14:14 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 14:31

One Boris Johnson supporter told LBC the new Prime Minister would build on the withdrawal agreement, so when Priti Patel insisted it was dead, Shelagh had some tough questions for her.

Conservative MP Robert Buckland said to Shelagh Fogarty that Mr Johnson's negotiations with the EU will be based upon Theresa May's Brexit deal.

He said: "The Withdrawal Agreement as constituted is not going to be possible to get through Parliament. But some form of agreement that allows for a transition into a new future during which negotiations can take place I think is possible.

"Most Conservatives I speak to, barring one or two, want an agreement, they want an orderly Brexit. I think it would be very difficult to come at this from an entirely blank page."

But when Shelagh put this to his Tory colleague Priti Patel, she insisted: "No, the withdrawal agreement is dead. I voted against it and Boris has spoken throughout the contest that it is dead. He has said he would negotiate in good faith in a very different style."

She insisted it doesn't matter whether he's negotiating with a blank page, but Shelagh told her: "Well I'm afraid it does, because you've just said to me that the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated for two years that failed to get through parliament three times is dead. He disagrees with you. So which is it? Is it dead or still breathing?"

Shelagh Fogarty interviewed Priti Patel live from Westminster
Shelagh Fogarty interviewed Priti Patel live from Westminster. Picture: LBC

Ms Patel responded: "The Withdrawal Agreement is dead. We cannot go back to something that has been rejected by parliament again and again and again."

Things then got even more tense as Shelagh put the question to her again after being dissatisfied with her previous answer.

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