Furious Labour caller voted Tory because he "remembers what Corbyn stood for"

16 December 2019, 15:10

This furious caller told Shelagh Fogarty why he voted Conservative for the first time in his life and then rejoined the Labour party two days later.

He said, "Corbynism has to go." Chris referenced Richard Bergen's interview on LBC who he called "deluded" because he blamed everything under the sun for Labour's unpopularity "apart from Jeremy Corbyn."

"The problem with Jeremy Corbyn is I'm of a generation where I remember what he stood for and the things he said and the people he went round with," he said, "the younger generation don't know this.

"National security to me was of vital importance... Jeremy Corbyn is not interested in defending this country in any way, shape or form, he never has and he never will," Chris continued.

Shelagh called Chris "the embodiment of what's happened in this election" as he's a traditional Labour man who has voted Conservative, and used to be a Labour member but resigned when Mr Corbyn took over.

"Who's going to take it over?" Chris asked and said he couldn't see anyone else in the party taking over aside from Lisa Nandy; he said he'd choose Caroline Flint over Emily Thornberry but the former is no longer an MP.

"I have to tell you, Shelagh, I'm not that optimistic," he said.