Caller Says Gay People Need To "Shut Their Mouth" About Christianity

15 February 2017, 13:55 | Updated: 15 February 2017, 14:26

Shelagh Fogarty Surprised

Caller David is fed up of hearing LGBT activists trying to reform the Church of England so he has a radical suggestion: they should give up and just set up their own church.

Leading figures in the Church of England are meeting to debate homosexuality in the church and same-sex marriage, but David said gay activists who want to reform the church are "going into a Chinese restaurant and demanding that they make you spaghetti bolognese".

"Why don't the gay community find ways to harness part of the Christian belief in their own church?

"Why don't they do that instead of knocking on the door of the Church of England, to force them to come across to their views?"

Shelagh countered that many of those trying to change the CoE were already ready members who just wanted it to reflect their sexuality.

That didn't stop David's criticism though, saying LGBT activists should "go away and shut their mouth" instead of trying to change the Church.

Shelagh had a great reaction to David's comments though, saying that "shut your mouth" is not an appropriate response for the debate.