This Call Got Heated When A Brexiter Kept Repeating The Same Thing

14 August 2019, 14:21

When this caller kept repeating the same line, time and time again, things got heated when Shelagh Fogarty pointed out she understood what he was saying.

Richard called LBC to say he found it hard to deal with people who said that "nobody voted for a no-deal Brexit," he said people did vote for a no-deal Brexit.

But, Shelagh did no agree "no they didn't" she said, "you know that the political reality of that campaign and everything that's come since has been that we get a deal."

The LBC presenter said that nobody talked about emergency measures for a no-deal.

As things started to get heated, Richard tried to cut across Shelagh and suggest that no-deal was a valid option.

Things got heated during this call
Things got heated during this call. Picture: LBC

Shelagh pointed out that when the vote for Article 50 went through then there "was no backstop."

Richard disagreed, and said that there was a decision in place at that time.

As Richard repeated what he had said several times before Shelagh said "you don't need to say it to me three times, Richard, I get what you're saying. I'm asking you to respond to what I'm saying."

As Richard tried to say the same thing again, Shelagh said "Oh God."

Watch the whole heated exchange in the video at the top of the page.