I'm not voting because I can't take any more of the politicians' lies, says fed up caller

27 November 2019, 17:06

This exasperated caller tells Shelagh Fogarty he will not be voting for the first time in his life because all politicians "are just lying to us" and no matter what, "we are doomed."

The caller Jason said, "These people cannot recognise what's going on in this country. Everything they talk about is a lie, all the Brexit stuff about £350 million back to the NHS was rubbish full stop."

He continued that if Boris Johnson "sells the NHS away" that will also be a "travesty" as Jason relies on the NHS for multiple prescriptions a month.

"I just can't take any more of the rubbish we have to put up with," Jason said, "there's not a politician out there that knows what the truth is."

Shelagh said she couldn't agree with this last statement but understood all Jason's other ones, and quoted a political commentator: "The sad truth of this election is those most hurt by politics are the least interested in politics."

Jason said the government only care about themselves
Jason said the government only care about themselves. Picture: PA

"I'm not going to vote because there's no point," said Jason, and said the government won't do anything for people like him: "we are doomed."

Jason's wife cares for her mother and disabled sister and "because the system doesn't care for her mum", Jason's wife goes to work "three hours a day just to get away from it."

"The government don't care about us," he said, "I've always voted on the word of the politician and I can't trust politicians now. The government are all about making themselves richer."

Jason referenced their pay rise in 2017: "It's disgusting - in a country that's suffering from poverty and living under austerity, that they can then turn around and give themselves a £10,000 rise."

Shelagh asked if he could look to the Lib Dems or Green party and he said he couldn't due to the Lib Dem promise to refute the referendum.