Owen Smith: Jeremy Corbyn Will Campaign For Remain In Second Referendum

26 February 2019, 17:09

Labour MP Owen Smith says he hopes Jeremy Corbyn will campaign to remain in the European Union in a second Brexit referendum.

The Labour Party revealed they would back a People's Vote in order to avoid leaving the European Union on Theresa May's withdrawal agreement or without a deal altogether.

But while campaigners welcome the news, Jeremy Corbyn did not say which side he would support in any campaign.

Former Labour leader contender Owen Smith said that he hopes Mr Corbyn would campaign for Remain

Speaking to Shelagh Fogarty, Mr Smith said: "Logically we will campaign for a People's Vote and the briefing note that's gone out from Jeremy Corbyn to Labour MPs says the option will be between Remain and a credible Brexit option because that would include her deal having passed Parliament or a Labour deal having passed Parliament."

Asked how a Labour deal would come about, Mr Smith admitted: "It doesn't. There's no prospect of that."

Owen Smith with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Owen Smith with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA

It comes as the Prime Minister made a statement in which she laid out a path in which Brexit would be delayed.

Theresa May's three commitments were that a further meaningful vote on her deal will be held by 12th March, and if it fails there would be a vote on whether Parliament wants to leave with no deal.

But if that vote is rejected, there would then be another vote on whether they would seek a short extension to Article 50.