I Want An Election Even Though Johnson's Deal "Reunited My Family", Says Caller

23 October 2019, 14:59

This caller tells Shelagh why she wants a general election, even though Boris Johnson's deal "reunited" her family.

The caller Karen said she wanted an election sooner rather than later.

"I voted leave. And I think we have to get a general election because it's just so sclerotic, the Parliament.

"I mean, the great thing about the deal that was agreed last Friday - the last Friday wasn't perfect in my opinion, I voted for the Brexit party in the European elections - but it did kind of reunite my family.

"Half Leave, half Remainer, we're all speaking to each other about politics again. It's a compromise and in life one has to compromise.

"But what it's done is it's flushed out the extreme Remainers in Parliament for behaving disgustingly."

Shelagh asked who they were and Karen replied the Labour party, although she'd give "a pass" to SNP because they want independence.

She continued: "They're being disgusting - the Liberal Dems I expect never wanted, as Swinson said, for us to leave - they're being disgusting."

This caller said Labour are behaving "disgustingly"
This caller said Labour are behaving "disgustingly". Picture: PA

Shealgh asked: "Aren't they just being honest?"

Karen said: "No! I believe in fair play in life and one has to compromise. And no, it is disgusting to see their smug faces."

She said she was a leaver and yet she didn't vote in the last election because there was nobody she could vote for.

Shelagh asked who Karen would vote for in a general election, and Karen said she'd support Boris Johnson.

This is because it'd "flush out Remainers on all sides including Nigel Farage." She said while she was previously an admirer of him, she doesn't think he wants compromise.

She said: "I've spoken to plenty of friends who voted remain and basically I'll be called a troll and a liar because the people that live in their echo chambers in Westminster can say: it's impossible, how could that be soft Remainers?

"But out in the countryside, there are, believe it or not."

Karen said a general election might start to put Brexit to bed, although she does understand there'd be a "lot of wrangling."

Shelagh said: "That's what Theresa May thought but she didn't get the majority, did she? And then she didn't soften on Brexit, well in some peoples' minds she did."