Leave Voter From France Says She's Not Tired Of Being Lied To By MPs

21 October 2019, 15:14

Shelagh Fogarty was shocked when this Leave voter admitted she was fine with being lied to by leading Brexiters.

Ros called from France to say she was fed up with the attitude of MPs who are just trying to frustrate the result of the EU referendum.

She said she just wanted MPs to "get Brexit done".

But Shelagh asked her: "Do you acknowledge some of the major contradictory statements that have been made by the same individual person - particularly on the government side and the Brexit campaign side?

"Two things that simply cannot coexist are first stated to coexist and then in the next breath finally the truth is accepted.

"Think of Boris Johnson and the letters he would never send - he would rather die in a ditch and all that jazz.

Shelagh was surprised by this caller's answer
Shelagh was surprised by this caller's answer. Picture: PA / LBC

"Are you not tired of being lied to?"

To her surprise, Ros replied: "No."

Shelagh responded: "That's good to know!"

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