Liverpool's Metro Mayor warns 'more draconian' restrictions are possibility

28 September 2020, 14:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Steve Rotherham Liverpool's Metro Mayor told LBC he thinks "more draconian" restrictions are the next step to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor was speaking to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty when he revealed he had not been consulted by the Government over new restrictions.

He said as the elected representative for 1.7 million people the Government "didn't even enter into those conversations with me about what might be the appropriate model."

He told LBC he believed different people should be working with the Government to find the right solution for their areas.

He revealed there have been "several occasions" on which he has "offered Government for them to work with us," but that he had been rebuffed.

The Metro Mayor said he believed "in collaboration, we can get this more right than the Government on their own."

Shelagh pointed out that the Liverpool City region already has quite harsh restrictions with a ban on households mixing and others.

When the LBC presenter asked what the next steps could be the Mayor's reply was quite stark.

"I think it's going to be much more draconian isn't it, than what we've currently got."

He added "of course we don't want to go back to where we were in March," and return to a full national lockdown.

Mr Rotherham said he was now concerned over people who are travelling to other areas from areas of lockdown, "what's that going to do with the transmission of the virus?" He asked.