Man “Defending Rape Jokes” Gets Taken To Task By LBC Listener

31 January 2019, 16:56 | Updated: 31 January 2019, 16:59

A man who phoned LBC to defend people's "freedom" to tell rape jokes was taken to task by an angered LBC listener.

Caller Michael phoned Shelagh Fogarty to speak up for people’s right to "make whatever jokes they like amongst one and other”.

It’s as two students who threatened rape in a group chat are being allowed to return to University of Warwick, despite receiving a 10-year ban in 2018.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

One woman targeted said she felt “terrified” at the prospect of the pair’s return.

Other posts in the Facebook chat included racist language and anti-Semitic remarks.

Their bans were reduced to one year following an appeal, according to the university.

In a robust debate with Shelagh, Michael said: “Just because you can’t get your head around the very concept of making a sick joke… doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t be allowed to.”

But, the row prompted a call from Robert who wasn't happy with some of the remarks he had heard.

Watch what happened next above.