This Caller Told LBC He Didn't Want To Be Alone With Women In Case They Were "Psychotic"

12 July 2019, 14:23 | Updated: 12 July 2019, 14:28

This listener called in to tell LBC he was "really fed up with the Me Too argument" and ended up having a row with Shelagh over what 'Me Too' means.

The caller told LBC that he does not like being in a room with a single woman "just because of the Me Too organisation."

When Shelagh asked what he thought the danger was the caller had a bizarre answer. He said she could be "psychotic" or "bi-polar."

He told LBC that this was only since the Me Too movement emerged. Shelagh asked if he used to be able to be alone with women the caller said he did.

He even said he takes a chaperone when he visits the doctor, incase the lone female doctor is psychotic. He told LBC "you never know these days" adding "the mental health issue is enormous in this country."

Shelagh asked if he went to a male doctor "who of course is as prone to mental illness as any other human being?" Amazingly the caller replied "well, I wouldn't want him to think I was going to touch him up."

Shelagh looked exasperated at times during the call
Shelagh looked exasperated at times during the call. Picture: LBC

When the caller asked Shelagh what her reaction would be if a man walked into the room and she was alone with him, she said she would say "hello."

"No it's not," the caller said, adding her first thought would be "am I safe alone with this man."

Shelagh told the caller that she "genuinely wouldn't, as my first port of call imagine he was going to sexually assault me."

Oddly, the caller told Shelagh that they would have to "disagree on that one."

Shelagh pointed out that they couldn't agree to disagree, she was telling him what she thought about her own reactions. But, still the caller thought he was right.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.