MPs Trying To Stop A No Deal Are Opposed To Brexit: Tory Eurosceptic

22 January 2019, 17:08

Any MP attempting to remove a no-deal as an option are simply opposed to Brexit, a Conservative Eurosceptic has told LBC.

Andrew Bridgen used a car showroom analogy as he warned against the idea on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s as MPs prepare to vote on a number of Brexit amendments next week - with some hoping to rule out a no-deal exit.

Mr Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, however, said it would be a bad move.

“Anyone who proposes taking no deal off the table either doesn't want to leave the European Union or has never done a negotiation in their life,” he told Shelagh Fogarty.

“It's rather like locking yourself in the showroom with the car salesman saying 'I cannot leave the showroom without buying a car’.

“What sort of deal do you think you're going to get and what sort of car do you think you're going to get?”