Mum Whose Son Died Fighting For Isis: “It Was A Bolt Out The Blue”

1 March 2019, 16:13 | Updated: 1 March 2019, 16:18

The mother of a son left Birmingham to fight for Isis in Syria said his actions were a “bolt out the blue”.

Nicola Benyahia said there were “tiny” changes to Rasheed’s behaviour beforehand, but put it down to a “teenage phase”.

The 19-year-old unexpectedly disappeared from his Birmingham home in May 2015 but was killed five months later in a drone strike.

Ms Benyahia told Shelagh Fogarty he had come from a “normal family” but had been radicalised online.

Nicola Benyahia's son died fighting for Isis in Syria
Nicola Benyahia's son died fighting for Isis in Syria. Picture: LBC

In an LBC interview, she said the recent case of jihadi bride Shamima Begum “brought it all back”.

“I think it’s very complex,” she said of the Isis schoolgirl and whether she should be allowed to return to Britain.

“It’s an incredibly sensitive matter and there is a legal process that needs to be carried out.”

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