No-Deal Brexit "Will Make It Much Easier For Migrants To Reach Britain"

31 December 2018, 14:04

This expert told LBC that a hard Brexit will make it much easier for migrants to reach British shores.

This morning, it has been reported at least eight people were detained in Kent after being found with a small boat, the latest group to attempt crossing the Channel.

Brexiteers are claiming that our borders will tighten once the UK leaves the EU, but Jon Henley, the Guardian's correspondent in Calais, revealed it would make the current crisis worse.

Migrants on the Channel in a rubber dinghy
Migrants on the Channel in a rubber dinghy. Picture: PA

Speaking to Shelagh Fogarty, he said: "A lot of the people say they are taking these small boats precisely because the other routes have got so difficult now.

"It's almost impossible to get on a lorry to cross the channel now. Anyone who has driven through Calais will have seen the barbed wire and fences. Those routes have become almost impossible for these people.

"People have suggested that it's a last-minute Brexit rush and people want to get in. But actually, Brexit will not change the immigration or asylum situation for these people. In fact, it might actually make it easier.

"If there is a hard Brexit or a no-deal Brexit, then there will be queues of trucks at Calais and that could make it a lot easier for them to get across."