Prison worker reveals the terrifying reality of terrorism behind bars

3 February 2020, 16:49

This caller who works in prisons explained why there are such high levels of extremism and radicalisation behind bars and how the government can prevent it.

"I think it's quite clear that terrorists are not ordinary offenders and what we're seeing is terrorists are being sent to ordinary prisons," he said, "which are already struggling to cope with ordinary prisoners."

Cartel called the UK prison service "broken" and unable to deal with the complexity and levels of extremism we are seeing and demanded fundamental change to prison services including specialised facility for terrorists.

He revealed, "Those who have been convicted of terror related offences are using their time in prison to mobilise outside support, to radicalise other prisoners and in some cases attempt to create operational command structures inside these prisons."

The terror arrack in Streatham was a "failure" by the government as they are "hell-bent" on cutting any services that can help counter this issue, Cartel said, and shared that he was "tired" of going into prisons and seeing nothing being done.

"The bottom line is under this government nothing is being done... the government is putting us, the public, at risk, it's endangering us by releasing these young people."

Cartel the government also failed the attacker, Sudesh Amman, by releasing him too early without any clear checks after he was put under scrutiny at 17 years old.

It is time for the government to take action, he insisted, "it's not working."