Raging Brexiteer Loses Temper And Slams Down Phone On Shelagh Fogarty

21 March 2019, 14:32 | Updated: 21 March 2019, 15:19

A raging LBC listener slammed down the phone on Shelagh Fogarty after losing his temper at “spineless” MPs over Brexit.

James raged live on-air as he told the LBC presenter: “MPs have done nothing since June 2016 but to try and stop what we’ve asked for.

“We have had enough of it!”

But, his fury was triggered further when Shelagh replied: “It isn’t true James”.

Shelagh Fogarty was on the receiving end of James' rage
Shelagh Fogarty was on the receiving end of James' rage. Picture: LBC

James fired back: “It is true Shelagh, people like you and London and the rest of the bubble don’t understand this.

“We have had enough Shelagh!”

Shelagh tried to calm the situation by asking James: “Can I try and explain to you why I think large chunks of what you’ve said are not true?”

“No Shelagh,” James retorted. “I’m not listening to this anymore. We’ve had enough.

“They’re nothing but spineless amoebas.”

As he went to slam down the phone, he shouted: “Spineless amoebas! ALL OF THEM! Traitors.”