Rose McGowan Reflects On Harvey Weinstein's Upcoming Court Appearance

14 September 2018, 16:47 | Updated: 15 September 2018, 08:41

Rose McGowan told Shelagh Fogarty she "doesn't trust" the justice system and expects the movie mogul to escape punishment for alleged sexual misconduct charges.

During a 20 minute studio interview, the former actress and #MeToo activist discussed the upcoming court appearance of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Mr Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 80 women, and vehemently denies any allegation of non-consensual sex.

Shelagh said: "There's been a lot of chat around his court appearance, because he is so wealthy he won't spend time in jail even if he is found guilty of those charges. What's going through your head about that eventuality?"

Ms McGowan replied: "I think if he was poor and managed to do all those disgusting things, there would be a different justice would be metered out.

"He did every single thing at his disposal - money, buying off journalists. I was number one on his hit list.

"I don't trust the justice system. I think a lot of people don't."

Shelagh asked: "Would you be able to live with yourself if he got off?"

Ms McGowan said: "I guess I'd have no choice."