Shelagh Fogarty And The Man Who Vowed To Be The “Most Feared” Gangster

28 February 2019, 14:34

This is Shelagh Fogarty’s frank and at times chilling interview with a man who once vowed to be the “most feared” gang leader.

Former gangster Matthew said he could groom children as young as 12 into heroine dealers within two weeks.

He’s now turned his life around and helps mentor youngsters at risk of joining gangs.

It’s as new figures found 27,000 children aged between 10 and 17 in England lone who identify as being part of a gang.

A report by the Children’s Commissioner found 313,000 kids know a gang member and 34,000 of those have experienced violent crime.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

Matthew grew up in Manchester and by 19 was leading a gang which groomed children to deal drugs.

During a very honest interview, Shelagh asked him: “What’s the worst thing you did Matthew?”

He replied: “Besides selling drugs and grooming kids? Kidnapping somebody and torturing them, or shooting somebody”.

Speaking of the pain he inflicted on people, Matthew continued: “I might stab them and put salt and vinegar in the wounds.

“Might use the handle of the gun to pistol whip them. Burn them with an iron. Put clingfilm around them then burn them.

“There are many ways, just depends on how creative I wanted to be on that day.”

At one point Shelagh told him: “The scale of what you did Matthew, and I know you’ve turned things around, the scale of what you’re describing, the nature of what you’re describing to me is making me loathe you as I speak to you.”

“I am ashamed,” Matthew responded. “I am regretful but I can’t always live in the past and be regretful, I’ve got to move on.”

The brutally honest interview left LBC listeners stunned. Watch it above.