Shelagh Fogarty Tells Brexiteer: "You Can't Keep Making Things Up!"

27 March 2019, 15:58

A Brexiteer was told by Shelagh Fogarty “you can’t keep making things up” after he made a number of claims during his call to LBC.

Phil from Tottenham struggled to back up his claim that Bank of England governor Mark Carney previously worked for the EU and that a majority of Brits want a no-deal Brexit.

“Where’s your evidence for that Phil?” Shelagh asked.

Referring to a pro-Brexit demonstration planned for Friday, he replied: “Well, you’ll see it on the 29th March outside Parliament”.

Shelagh Fogarty told a Brexiteer: "You can&squot;t make things up!"
Shelagh Fogarty told a Brexiteer: "You can't make things up!". Picture: LBC

Shelagh replied: “Phil I think you’re making things up

“You said Mark Carney used to work for the EU, he didn’t.

“You said it’s clear the vast majority of people voted for no deal and when I asked you to say where your evidence for that was you said it’s coming on Friday.”

Phil attempted to defend himself, hitting back: “Certain news doesn’t get put on the media.”

“With Twitter and Facebook you can’t hide all the news. Granted some of the stuff that goes on Facebook is fake.”

Shelagh asked: “Like Mark Carney being in the European Union?”

Admitting defeat, Phil said: “That’s one thing I will give you on that.”