Shelagh Fogarty responds to caller's accusation she has a "hysterical hatred" of Donald Trump

21 February 2020, 15:18 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 15:53

Shelagh put a caller in his place over a debate on whether Donald Trump's mockery of South Korean film Parasite was racist, when he said she had a "hysterical hatred" of the President.

Donald Trump took a jab at the film at an American rally, asking, "What the hell was that?" and commenting that "we have enough problems with South Korea."

The LBC caller Anthony said, "Now I'm afraid your hysterical hatred of Trump and your absolute disappointment with the state of politics at the moment is clouding your judgement, Shelagh."

Shelagh responded that she doesn't hate Donald Trump she just finds him "deeply disturbing" and when she finds his action wanting, she will say so.

People who want President Trump and Boris Johnson out of office need to "take a long hard look at why they're so popular," said Anthony, commenting that there is a "hysteria" about calling people racist and used the example of Priti Patel.

Shelagh asked whether Anthony thought that people of ethnic minority backgrounds couldn't be racist and the caller admitted that anyone could be racist.

Shelagh pointed out it is crucial to examine what people say, herself included, but unlike some others she;s never "toyed with being a racist."