Shelagh Fogarty's EPIC Response To Paul Mason's Angry Phone Call

16 January 2018, 13:32 | Updated: 16 January 2018, 17:57

Shelagh Fogarty said Momentum "will want to squash everyone who isn't on their bus" after an aggressive Paul Mason tried to tell her what she could talk about.

She invited the left-wing journalist to speak on her show following the election of three Corbyn allies to Labour's NEC.

But Mr Mason just ranted down the phone at the female producer and tried to stop her running the segment on Shelagh's show.

Shelagh Fogarty had strong words for Paul Mason
Shelagh Fogarty had strong words for Paul Mason. Picture: LBC / PA

She said: "Half an hour before we came on air, Paul Mason, the former Newsnight journalist and Momentum member, very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, very vocal. He has a voice and he uses his voice. We invited him on to the programme to use his voice.

"And instead of saying 'No thank you, I don't fancy the idea', he bellowed down the phone at my colleague and told her 'This isn't a story'. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum are clearly achieving their aims is a story, of course it's a story.

"Jon Lansman spoke about it in glowing terms as a victory for 21st century socialism. Paul Mason sees it as something we should hide. He was telling us what we should be talking about today, he was telling you what you should be talking about.

"It's that that I have a problem with.

"Some of these are not people who will do business with all for the good of all. They are people who want to squash anyone who is not on their bus, who isn't in their group, in their cult.

"Paul Mason, member of Momentum, supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, decided it was ok to bellow down the phone at a woman, tell her how to do her job and make her feel intimidated and to be aggressive towards her.

"That should never have any space in British politics."