Shelagh Fogarty's inspiring advice for people unable to begin their careers

6 May 2020, 16:55 | Updated: 6 May 2020, 16:58

By Fiona Jones

This is the touching moment Shelagh Fogarty gave inspiring advice to a caller who has just graduated and now cannot start his career.

This caller Munawar told Shelagh he is feeling demotivated after passing the bar and he has been entirely unable to start out in the legal profession due to coronavirus.

The legal industry is not open to have conversations about employment, Munawar said, and he has been furloughed from hospitality jobs he took up for a bit of income during the pandemic.

He also cares for his unwell mother and opened up to Shelagh how worried he was about his career and staying financially afloat.

"Nobody wants to give anyone even a foot in the door in terms of literally getting into the building and having a chat with us," he said, "I'm genuinely at a loss of what to do now. I feel so demotivated."

For people who completed his course a year ago they were given positions "almost immediately it seems," he said, "but for us the world has dried up."

In Munawar's profession, "it takes time to build your reputation and...I'm really struggling." He can't help feeling bitter because he's put in "all this work and time and sweat and tears and sleepless nights and absolutely nothing to go to."

Shelagh said, "I understand the huge disappointment you've experienced and the pressures of caring for your mum.

"I can understand why your general disposition is a bit despairing but you need to lean on your friends to try to get out of that because your profession is still there.

"Your chosen profession is still there, it will revive, we will get through this, it will end and you need to still be Munawar, future barrister, graduate barrister, ready to rock and roll when those jobs start coming in."

"I'm not saying that's easy but that's what you need to try to do and keep focusing on the fact that that's what you are, that's what you intended to be, and that's what you are. The circumstances will change."