Shelagh Fogarty's message to people still going to pubs: Stop putting others in danger

19 March 2020, 16:16 | Updated: 20 March 2020, 12:47

By Adrian Sherling

This is Shelagh Fogarty's powerful message to Londoners still going out - stop putting everyone in danger.

Speaking on her LBC show, she said: "The pressure is growing for cafes, bars and restaurants to close. Londoners are facing the first wave of Covid-19 and already have the largest number of cases.

"So many of you are still going out to crowded places, not being hand-aware, not being face-aware, not knowing about the surfaces that you're leaning on.

"It is beyond belief. What else do we have to say to stop this?

Shelagh Fogarty had a powerful message
Shelagh Fogarty had a powerful message. Picture: PA / LBC

"I know Boris Johnson values freedom, but freedom comes with responsibility. You have to take responsibility for being a citizen in a country that's in a crisis.

"If you are well currently, that means really limiting your movements, it means not being in crowds.

"If you haven't got that yet, I'm not sure what else I can say to help you get it. Stop going to pubs. Stop going to cafes. Stop going to bars. Stop mixing in large groups.

"You are putting other people in danger."