Shelagh: French Police No Different To IS Morality Patrols

24 August 2016, 15:51 | Updated: 12 September 2016, 19:01

Shelagh Fogarty has compared French police to the Islamic State morality police in Syria, after video emerged showing officers in Cote d’Azur forcing a woman to remove her modest clothing on the Nice beachfront.

The footage will become "catnip" for Islamic State, Shelagh says, as they will no doubt use it in their aggressive social-media based propaganda efforts.

"They can say ‘look, Muslim women of the world. This is what is happening to you in Europe. Police officers come up and make you take your clothes off.'

"You would think that’s crazy, only there’s pictorial evidence that that’s precisely what is happening in France to some Muslim women. Policemen are coming up and making them take their clothes off."

Shelagh compares the situation to Raqqa in Syria, where Islamic State morality police are said to "swan around the city forcing women to wear burqas.

"What’s the difference between the Islamic State morality police forcing a woman to wear a burka when she doesn’t want to, and a French police office forcing a woman in public, in front of others, to take off the clothes that are covering her body just to satisfy the secularity of France?"

"I say there is no difference."