"What Is The Crime?" Shelagh Meets The Most Hard-Headed Trump Defender

20 March 2017, 16:39 | Updated: 20 March 2017, 16:41

"What is the crime?" This Donald Trump fan phoned LBC from Texas to defend the US President over his links to Russia and even, remarkably, his offensive comments about women.

During a heated hour of conversation about Donald Trump's connections to Vladimir Putin - which are being investigated by the FBI it was confirmed today - Shelagh took a call from Joe in Dallas.

He was very evidently a Trump fan but first clashed with Shelagh over the sexist comments Trump had made about women.

"They came out with this Access [Hollywood] tape where he was bragging about women," said Joe.

"He was bragging about molesting women," Shelagh reminded the caller, "To be accurate."

"Let's assume that," replied Joe. "Well, we heard it, we're not assuming it," fired back Shelagh. "Let's not move away from the fact that he said it, he did."

After Joe finally conceded that Trump had made those comments, he switched the conversation back to Russia. "What is the crime? Everybody says it's collusion, but what is the crime?

"What did Trump's campaign and Russia do together that's a crime?

"What is the crime?!"

So, Shelagh spelled out for him exactly what the crime was - see that all above.