Shelagh Said Public Beating Of Indonesian Woman Was Savage - This Caller Was Not Happy

3 February 2017, 16:45 | Updated: 4 February 2017, 14:50

Shelagh Clashes With Caller

Shelagh Fogarty said the beating of an Indonesian woman for having sex outside of marriage was "savage" and this caller had a real problem with it.

On her show this afternoon the LBC presenter was discussing the public beating of an Indonesian woman, who received 26 lashes for having sex outside of marriage. 

The woman is believed to be from the city of Banda Aceh in the Aceh region on the island of Sumatra - the only place in the world’s most populated Muslim-majority country where Sharia law is imposed.

The harrowing images of the beating emerged online and showed the woman crying and burying her head in her hands.

Shelagh has dubbed the beating as "savage" but this caller said that the presenter had misused the word and didn't believe "we have the right to judge". 

Watch their fiery exchange below.