Shelagh Shuts Down Caller For Berating LBC

7 May 2018, 15:16

Things got very heated when caller Rob began accusing Shelagh Fogarty of being part of an "establishment machine" that attacks left-wing politics.

Half an hour into a discussion about Marxism, where Shelagh was simply asking callers "Marxism: Yes or no," things took an unexpected turn when caller Rob accused Shelagh and LBC as demonising left-wing politics, he said:

"You're just part of an establishment machine that is trying to grind down the view that left-wing politics is somehow evil and unworkable."

He went on to accuse Shelagh and LBC of peddling the message that: "somehow left-wing politics, marxism or whatever, is wrong."

Shelagh In LBC Studio
Picture: LBC

A bemused Shelagh brought up the fact that throughout the previous half an hour, many callers of different viewpoints had already called in and and given a wide range of different views on the topic.

"I've opened the lines to anyone who wishes to say yes to Marxism or no to Marxism."

"Look at the range of voices on this network!"

"You've got your opportunity and all you're doing is whining!"