The Shocking Ad Telling Parents To Stop Taking Children To Be Shot By Paramilitaries

30 October 2018, 13:32 | Updated: 30 October 2018, 13:54

A paramilitary in the Department of Justice advert
A paramilitary in the Department of Justice advert. Picture: Department of Justice

This is the government ad that Shelagh Fogarty says "beggars belief", telling parents to stop taking their children to be kneecapped by paramilitary gangs.

The Department of Justice for Northern Ireland have released the films, showing four different viewpoints of a paramilitary-style attack.

In the hard-hitting video, they show a mother receiving a text telling her to bring her son to a location after he had got caught up in the gang. She drives him there and says "I love you" before he gets out of the car and meets two men in balaclavas, who shoot him.

Remarkably, this is happening to such an extent in Northern Ireland in 2018 that the government needed to commission a TV advert to stop this happening.

Here are the four films made by the Department of Justice.

Anthony Harbinson, Chair of the Tackling Paramilitarism Programme Board, said: "In the last five years, 417 people have endured these barbaric shootings and beatings.

"The reality is that the perpetrators of these attacks don’t care about people, or justice, or solving social problems. They are only interested in exerting control and exploiting people for their own gain.

"They don’t offer protection; their sole aim is to terrorise and control, and they use shootings, beatings, drug dealing, intimidation, and protection rackets as their weapons."