Sophie Walker Bombarded With Abuse After New Zealand Shooting Tweet

19 March 2019, 15:22

The founder of the Women’s Equality Party says she’s had been bombarded with abuse after she called for a time “male violence is recognised as the single biggest threat to peace” in the wake of the New Zealand shooting.

Sophie Walker told Shelagh Fogarty she’s taken “quite a lot of action” after tweeting the remark on Friday morning because abusive messages were “coming in everywhere”.

“I’m a feminist because I believe in peace and love and I believe equality is the fastest way to get there,” she said.

Sophie Walker founded the Women's Equality Party
Sophie Walker founded the Women's Equality Party. Picture: LBC

“I’m not a feminist because I hate men, but it’s much easier to shut me down, to humiliate me, to threaten me… it’s been happening everywhere.

“I’ve had to take quite a lot of action since Friday.”

Shelagh asked: “For your security?”

“Yes,” Ms Walker replied. “The messages are coming in everywhere now.”

Watch the interview above.