Tearful caller tributes his 'heroic' mum who buried third child during lockdown

23 March 2021, 16:02 | Updated: 23 March 2021, 16:03

By Fiona Jones

This tearful caller opened up to Shelagh Fogarty about his incredibly resilient mother Theresa who buried her third child during the Covid pandemic.

Caller Brendan had nothing but admiration for his mother who buried her third child during lockdown.

Today marks a year since the restrictions began and callers took this opportunity to speak about lost loved ones on LBC.

Brendan told Shelagh he lost his sister Elaine first to lung cancer and they could not visit her due to the pandemic.

His colleague and friend died a day later. Six weeks later his brother died.

He reflected: "Just one tragedy after another really."

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On the day of his sister's burial, his mother was diagnosed with an illness so had to go to hospital and no one could see her for four or five weeks.

"The day she came out she buried her son," Brendan said.

Theresa is doing "amazingly well" having buried her third child, he said, as she also lost another son years earlier.

"It's been so quick and devastating."

Shelagh said that Irish women of that generation "have such a reality about death, they face it square when it happens no matter how hard it is."

"I fail to find the words for her really," Brendan said, "burying your children has got to be one of the worst things in the world...she just cracks on with it. I'm totally in awe of the lady...She's an absolute hero of a woman."