The Very Entertaining Call From An Air Pollution Denier

6 October 2017, 14:55 | Updated: 6 October 2017, 18:33

New research says every Londoner is breathing dangerous levels of toxic air, but this caller thinks the academics are “talking a load of rubbish”.

The latest data shows that every area in the capital exceeds World Health Organisation limits for a damaging type of particle known as PM2.5.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has described the findings as “sickening”.

Later this month those with an older, more polluting car will have to pay a £10 charge to drive in central London.

The T-charge is expected to affect up to 10,000 vehicles each week, but Mr Khan insists the move is necessary to combat air pollution.

Lee in Croydon definitely isn’t convinced though, claiming there was no problem with toxic air and instead was “just a way of making money”.

During his passionate rant, he told Shelagh Fogarty: “If it is that bad, if it is really bad then you’ve got to ban it completely, haven’t you?”

He added: “[Sadiq Khan] is like a bad parent, so Brexit happens what does he do? He flies around the world on a jumbo jet telling everyone ‘London’s open’, I didn’t know it had shut after Brexit.

“But apparently he had to go to America, Canada and all the other countries telling everyone that London was still open.”