Shelagh Fogarty: Today Is A Day To Feel Patriotic

23 April 2018, 15:21

Shelagh Fogarty says the baby prince gives Britons a day to feel patriotic, as a report by the English Labour Network found some Labour members are too scared to mention England for fear of appealing to far-right extremists.

A report by the English Labour Network found that the party is too scared to mention England, or celebrate St George's Day.

It found: "Labour's biggest problem is we don't often mention England even when talking about England."

"Some activists are uncertain about celebrating St George's Day or reflecting English identity in campaigning.

"There may be displaced fears this will appeal to or strengthen far-right extremists."

But Shelagh said that the birth of a new prince gives Britons a day to feel patriotic.

"I think today is a day when you can feel patriotic and enjoy your country and enjoy the fact that the royal family, which is a family that works emblematically and hard for your country, is celebrating.

"So the whole nation will celebrate with them because a baby has been born.

"And I think there's a patriotism in that.

"But nationalism, xenophobic nationalism is an entirely different thing, where does the English flag fall in that sort of spectrum for you.

"Is it toxic?

"Does it need detoxifying?"