"Tyson Fury has given us travellers a good name so should be celebrated," caller insists

24 February 2020, 15:59 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 16:12

This traveller insisted Manchester should celebrate Tyson Fury's heavyweight victory because he has given travellers a "good name", despite the boxer's shocking past comments.

Manchester council bosses are considering having a homecoming parade for boxing champion Tyson Fury after he knocked down the the reigning champion Deontay Wilder to win the WBC world heavyweight championship in Las Vegas.

However this celebration has come into question due to highly controversial comments including derogatory remarks about women and his comparison of homosexuality to paedophilia.

Riley from Chertsey said, "I'm an English gypsy and for what he's done... for all gypsies is to give them a good name.

"Where he's come from, obviously nowhere, to become the heavyweight champion of the world, and he's a gypsy, I think it's unbelievable. I think he should be knighted."

Riley acknowledged the mental health issues Tyson Fury has previously opened up about, and said despite that, "He's gone there and he's beaten the hardest puncher in the world."

Tyson Fury knocked down reigning champion Wilder before finally claiming victory in the seventh round
Tyson Fury knocked down reigning champion Wilder before finally claiming victory in the seventh round. Picture: PA

Shelagh added that Fury had given his £7 million winnings to UK charities to build homes for alcohol and drug addicts.

"That was the issues he had and now he's helping them out," said Riley, "he's already apologised for what he's said. Why are the LGBT team telling him he's got to do this and he's got to do that? I think it's wrong."

He added that Fury shouldn't be punished for his beliefs and said the rife discrimination against travellers would have added to the disinclination to celebrate his win, "If Anthony Joshua had said what said, apologised, moved on, went to mental health and done what he's done, he'd be paraded around the whole of England."

Riley said he'd travel the length of the country to go to the parade in Manchester if it happens.

"What he's done is what a gypsy man has never ever ever done before which is won the world championship. To come back from what he's done and do it again is unbelievable."