Len McCluskey Says Claims Of Bullying In Labour Are Exaggerated To Taint Corbyn

26 September 2018, 15:25

Unite leader Len McCluskey clashed with Shelagh Fogarty as he claimed accusations of bullying and intimidation by hard Left Labour activists were being “exaggerated” to taint Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He said such claims were being deliberately spun by the media to portray Mr Corbyn’s leadership as “anti-Semitic” and “misogynistic”.

The row was sparked on the closing day of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

Mr Corbyn told delegates Labour was “ready” to govern and vowed to “rebuild and transform our country”.

Mr McCluskey, a Corbyn ally, said the Labour leader sounded like a “Prime Minister in waiting”.

However, when Shelagh listed the reasons she was unconvinced - the Unite leader hit back.

Len McCluskey joined Shelagh Fogarty on the final day of the Labour conference
Len McCluskey joined Shelagh Fogarty on the final day of the Labour conference. Picture: LBC

“This idea of bullying and thuggery is just alien to me, I don’t see it anywhere,” he said.

“I believe it’s deliberately used in order to try to create an image that Jeremy Corbyn has got this anti-Semitic, misogynistic Labour Party - it isn’t true.”

“You should look at the policies of Labour!”

Shelagh replied: "I want some hope for this country, I want some hope for the people, who want a decent NHS, who want decent nursery care for their children, who want decent wages - I’m all ears.

"And yet, I’m not convinced and I think that perhaps is the problem for the Labour Party.”