"Very obese" caller dismisses Government's anti-obesity drive as "too simplistic"

27 July 2020, 15:48

By Fiona Jones

This "very obese" caller dismissed the Government's anti-obesity message to eat less as too simplistic - telling LBC "like a lot" of Brits, he has disordered eating.

The prime minister has announced his "Better Health" campaign, which will seek to tackle the UK's growing obesity epidemic after government data showed that almost two-thirds of UK adults are above a healthy weight.

More than a third (36%) of the country are considered overweight and 28% are deemed obese, while one-third of children aged between 10 and 11 are overweight or obese, according to the Department of Health.

Measures will include banning on unhealthy food TV adverts before 9pm, ending "buy one get one free" offers on unhealthy food and putting calories on menus for restaurants with over 250 employees.

Self-proclaimed "very obese" caller Danny said tackling weight gain in the UK is "a lot more complicated" than saying eat less.

"I've always had a problem with my weight...and actually it's a mindset," he said, "I have a really terrible relationship with food.

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"Very obese" caller tells LBC the Government&squot;s anti-obesity drive is "too simplistic"
"Very obese" caller tells LBC the Government's anti-obesity drive is "too simplistic". Picture: PA/LBC

"I don't have to be hungry to eat, it's just a compulsion. Not even just comfort eating. Bread is my killer and I could sit and eat a whole loaf of bread, it makes me feel quite good."

Danny agreed with Shelagh's observation that he had disordered eating, "I think for a lot of people it is that. I think people are quite judgemental about it, oh you're overweight you should eat less.

"It's quite easy to say that and I think for some people it's not as simple as you need to eat less. You have to deal with your head."

Shelagh acknowledged if there are emotional attachments to unhealthy food, the reasons need to be addressed to succeed in achieving long term weight loss.

Danny told Shelagh he has signed up to a clinic but despite knowing this, and being diabetic, and having three children, he is "still drawn towards the cupboard."