Afghanistan: UK response at the moment 'simply not good enough', says Lisa Nandy

13 August 2021, 16:52

By Sam Sholli

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy has told LBC that the UK response to the situation in Afghanistan is "simply not good enough".

Her words come with the security situation in Afghanistan rapidly deteriorating as the Taliban continues to seize territory in the country.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that around 600 UK military personnel will deploy to Afghanistan to provide support to British nationals leaving the country.

Lisa Nandy told LBC that on MPs across different political parties "have to be absolutely clear with the UK Government that the response at the moment from the [UK] is simply not good enough".

She later added: "It's easy to despair looking at the situation in Afghanistan, but the Afghan people do not have the luxury of despair.

"And this is not inevitable. With political will and with concerted and coordinated action from the United Nations and from NATO, we could turn this situation around and we could support the Afghan people to get that secure, stable state that we promised them.That's what we've got to do."

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