Anguish of Down Syndrome child's mother: "It was like somebody had died."

24 February 2020, 16:54 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 17:27

Shelagh was speaking to the mother of a Down Syndrome child who recalled her horror at how maternity wards treat the affliction.

Following a movement to abolish late term abortions of Down Syndrome affected unborn foetuses, Shelagh was joined by Vanessa who told of her horror at the treatment she received from doctors upon the birth of her child.

She mentioned the lack of information given by staff in hospitals and by the NHS, pointing out that there are no online pages guiding mothers who've given birth to Down Syndrome children, yet there's plenty of information on late term abortions.

Shelagh quizzed the caller quickly after she expressed her concern over lack of information, asking why she thought its taken so long for a challenge to the policy to come.

Vanessa simply said that in her own experience, she had no idea it was policy to begin with, but she puts that down to her having no issue with her child. She believed that should she have gone into the maternity ward in a negative mindset, she may have been offered an abortion.

"if I have had that approach before I'd given birth, id probably would have been encouraged to make a decision that'd be the wrong one"

Questions over late term abortions in the case of Down Syndrome have come under fire
Questions over late term abortions in the case of Down Syndrome have come under fire. Picture: PA

Vanessa recalled her own experiences of when her child was born, and how the doctors reacted to her. She said there was a heavy feeling coming from the doctor, who she then asked "why is your face a picture of doom and gloom, a baby's just been born".

There was recognition by nurses in the room, who encouraged the doctor to leave and they then reassured the new mother and gave pamphlets and information for future.

Vanessa summarised the whole experience, and proving why there needs to be change in legislation on the topic. Shelagh was shocked to hear Vanessa admit from how the doctors acted, "it was a very sad occasion that a child with Down Syndrome had been born".