Anna Soubry Urges PM To Delay Brexit And Hold “People’s Vote” By September

19 March 2019, 14:24

Anna Sourby says Theresa May should write to Donald Tusk and ask for an extension to Article 50 so a second Brexit referendum can be held by September.

The now Independent MP said a so-called People’s Vote was the “only way through this crisis”.

She spoke after the Prime Minister’s spokesman said Mrs May will write to the European Council President and ask for a delay to Brexit.

Yesterday, the Commons Speaker John Bercow said there won't be a third meaningful vote on her deal unless she makes significant changes to it.

Anna Soubry spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Tuesday
Anna Soubry spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Tuesday. Picture: PA/LBC

With just over a week until Britain is due the leave the bloc, Ms Soubry urged the PM to take action.

“She should accept that the only way through this crisis is a ‘People’s Vote’,” the MP for Broxtowe said.

“She needs to get the statutory instrument in so we can take [March 29th] out of our departure.

“She needs to be writing a letter to Mr Tusk to ask for an extension for a ‘People’s Vote’.

“We have the extension so we can have the ‘People’s Vote’ by September and put it back to the British people.”

She finished: “Make it clear if they vote for Theresa’s deal that is the end of it.

“We will leave on the terms of her deal and equally if they reject her deal, and they see the best deal is the current deal we have with the European Union, then we will remain in the European Union.”