"If Europe Gives Us A Hard Time, Quite Simply We'll Stop Buying German Cars"

21 August 2019, 14:57 | Updated: 21 August 2019, 15:01

This caller had simple solutions to solving Brexit problems, and he was happy to tell Shelagh Fogarty exactly what it was that he thought about most Brexit issues.

At the start of the call he said it was clear things would become "very tit for tat" when it comes to Brexit but that the "will of the 17 million people is being underestimated."

He said England needed a "stiff upper lip" and that he believes in Britain.

His solution if "Europe gives us a hard time" was simple "we'll stop buying German cars."

But that wasn't the end of his ideas, he also suggested "we'll stop buying Italian branded products," he said the "win from that" would be that it would "give British business the chance to emerge."

The caller said he didn't care if "the banking sector goes to France," because "they've proved what they're all about."

Shelagh Fogarty challenged this caller on his comments
Shelagh Fogarty challenged this caller on his comments. Picture: LBC

He didn't care about the value of the Pound either, because he said it was "only relative to spending the Pound in England."

Suggesting that leaving Europe could help Britain have a "legacy" by "going green," and there could be "free energy, free transportation and free communication."

His idea for housing developers was that houses would not be able to be built unless they could "generate 100% of their energy." He said the solution was a "solar roof" or a "windmill in the back garden."

He went on to say the country was "suffering with an identity crisis," and the UK has had "so much in the way of a cultural mix."

Quick to point out he's "not racist," the caller said he loves the world and people. But that he didn't think the UK was ready for Europe because there were "too many different ways of living your life."

When Shelagh Fogarty challenged him on his comments over the UK having "too much of a cultural mix," the caller said "the guy that was watching the immigration tap, knowing that the sink was a certain size, he's let it overflow."