This Canadian's Bemused Take On Brexit Had Listeners In Hysterics

22 August 2019, 14:44

What does the rest of the world think about Brexit? This Canadian caller couldn't believe what Britain was doing to itself in leaving the EU.

Dan is a Canadian with English heritage who has lived in Paris for the last 26 years and didn't understand why the UK is still going ahead with Brexit

"Your Prime Minister bestowed the great importance of relationships between France and England, with the culture, with the exchange of goods and services - everything that's been happening since 1973.

"But in the same breath, he said he wants to get rid of all of that, put everything in to doubt."

This Canadian had some strong things to say about Brexit
This Canadian had some strong things to say about Brexit. Picture: LBC / PA

He was equally baffled in the Brexiters' take on borders. He continued: "They want their borders back, but at the same time, they don't want a hard border and don't want any problems with exchanging services.

"It's very strange. It's like if the European Union would give you a little piece of paper which said 'You are your own people', I'm sure that would satisfy everybody."

He also poured scorn on the likelihood of a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and Canada, stating that it's unlikely to progress quickly unless the Conservatives get back into power in Canada.

Shelagh ended the call by saying: "I don't think Dan rates us very much at the moment!"

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