Climate Strikes Are A Communist Plot, Caller Tells Shelagh

20 September 2019, 16:25

Watch Shelagh Fogarty's disbelief as a caller says the climate strikes are a Communist plot.

Scott from Harrow says of the climate protests: “It just feels that this is not all about the environment."

“It’s actually all about a far-left socialist idea about compelling people to take part in certain state initiatives, state control, regulations, collectivisation.

“Every Communist I know supports these climate change demos."

Jeremy Corbyn arriving at today's climate strike protest
Jeremy Corbyn arriving at today's climate strike protest. Picture: PA

He referenced Jeremy Corbyn, who addressed protestors at London's climate strike today. The Labour leader made a rousing speech to thousands in which he said, "Destroying nature ultimately destroys all of us.”

The caller Scott continued: "You’re going to have Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas and all those people there and they’re all going to be saying how evil and wicked the Tories are, and how dreadful they are. Despite the fact that people like Theresa May and even Boris Johnson has taken steps during their times to actually help this climate change issue.

"It’s self-indulgent."

Watch Shelagh's disbelief above.