Donald Trump is "tweeting like a savage" about Iran, says Shelagh Fogarty

6 January 2020, 15:31 | Updated: 6 January 2020, 15:38

Shelagh Fogarty challenged this caller over President Trump's Iran tweets and described him as a "savage."

Shelagh said she is not denigrating the killing of Qassem Soleimani, but questions "what the heck" President Trump is doing on Twitter.

"He is bypassing Congress, the institutions of the United States that are there for good reason, he is bypassing the United Nations, a global institution that is there for good reason, he is bypassing NATO, a global institution that is there for good reason, and he is Tweeting like a savage!

"I think the Iranian leadership behave like savages sometimes," Shelagh said, "we expect, don't we, the leader of the free world to behave rather differently and not to start talking about 52 sites, cultural sites. He's like a child!"

The caller countered that President Trump communicates by Twitter because he doesn't trust the press.

"Is it possible that an intelligent man or woman in a role as sensitive and powerful as the President of the United States would choose his or her words more carefully in a situation like this?" she asked, "you know it's possible. You know it's preferable. I know it's possible. I know it's preferable. That's all I'm saying.

"I'm not some pro-Iranian apologist, I am looking at the man who holds office who is meant to protect us from those people and he is a nutjob!" exclaimed Shelagh.

The caller Daniel said that while he's not President Trump's biggest fan, "the Iranians have to be put in their place, they were getting more belligerent by the minute."

Shelagh surmised that militia, "acting no doubt on the orders of people like Soleimani, attack the American embassy and the green zone.

"You think a proportionate response to that is to assassinate in a very public setting in a very public way, and then applaud yourself for it, and then threaten to do loads more of the same?"

Daniel countered that we had no knowledge of how Qassem Soleimani was going to act in the future.

"The Americans and Trump and that's the reason why they had to take him out because I think it was what the gentleman was actually planning for the future," he said.

Shelagh questioned President Trump's consideration for the safety of Western diplomats, workers, oil workers, hostages like Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe and said he has made them less safe.

Daniel said it had to be done and "they will be more safe now than if Trump had done nothing."