The Extraordinary Call From A Woman Who Recently Became A Sex Worker

16 January 2018, 18:45

This is the remarkable call to Shelagh Fogarty from a 25-year-old who recently became a sex worker.

“Amy” said she was tempted into the sudden career change six months back because “I wanted to better my life”.

During the frank conversation, she told LBC how her worked ranged from an escort agency to “independent” work too.

“I've got clients at the moment,” the caller said. “And, you know, I get kind of recommendations.

“That's the service I provide and obviously people talk.”

She described her work as “lucrative” but insisted she was always in control.

“Amy” continued: “I'm just as safe walking into a bar with someone whom I'm paid to date as meeting someone off Tinder for the first time.

“The only difference is I'm going paid to meet that person there.”

You can watch the pair’s honest conversation above.