Furious caller hits back at accusations of Brexiters being "stupid"

17 December 2019, 15:48

This Remain voter was so furious at a previous caller branding Brexiters "stupid" he phoned in to hit back.

Robert from Stourbridge said he was really upset after hearing a previous caller branded all Brexit voters "stupid."

"What kind of a society do we live in where we have a democratic vote and we get called stupid after the result?" he demanded, "what kind of a country are we living in and what kind of country are we going to have if they're going to keep calling us stupid and thick and we didn't know what we voted for?"

Shelagh added that the lady Dee who called and said this did not have an argument that proved this in any way.

"You can't just make an assumption," Robert said. The caller voted to Remain but became a Brexiter after taking issue with people accusing Leave voters of not knowing what they were voting for.

"That is just fundamentally wrong to just call somebody stupid and say they didn't know what they voted for, just because you don't agree with their position," he said.

To him Brexit would allow the UK to keep money which would otherwise have been spent on "wishy washy" EU projects.

"Why can we not see the positives in the country of what leaving the EU's going to bring?"