German Caller Begs UK To Leave EU: "Please Get Out!"

8 October 2019, 16:41 | Updated: 8 October 2019, 21:15

A German caller told Shelagh he's fed up of the UK wasting everyone's time.

Ulf, from Hamburg, said: "It is time for the UK to leave. Please get out! You're wasting everyone's time. You're a nuisance.

"That funny posters of yours, seriously, that's not even emphatic anymore. We've seen worse caricatures of Chancellor Merkel during the Greek debt crisis. Complete with an SA uniform, Hitler moustache and stuff. We can be quite forgiving."

He continued: "But please stop wasting everybody's time. Just make the jump."

Shelagh then joked: "Can you give us a bit more time, Ulf? Because I'd quite like to stay in the long run if we can."

Ulf replied: "I know you're a Remainer and if I was a Brit I would be a Remainer too but I'm German, I'm a Europhile."

She replied: "At heart I'm a Remainer but I would go along with a sensible, feasible, doable Brexit deal if we could reach one but we don't seem to be able to reach one."

They then spoke about the difficulty of customs borders.

German Caller Begs UK To Leave EU: "Please Get Out!"
German Caller Begs UK To Leave EU: "Please Get Out!". Picture: LBC

Ulf then said: "Either you stay in or, well, you don't. I don't think Angela Merkel said what she's purported to have said. Maybe her evil twin from the Star Trek Mirror Universe not Angela Merkel who has been governing my country for 14 years. Her communication is always most careful.

There is no way she would ever talk about Germany leaving the European Union. By the way, Germany can not leave the European Union. If Germany or France leaves the union, the EU is finished."

Watch the call at the top of this article.