Heartbreaking Call From Listener Whose Son Was Killed In A "Motiveless" Knife Attack

17 June 2019, 16:01

This caller gave LBC a very personal and moving account of his experience losing his son to knife crime.

Mark from Walsall called LBC to speak to Shelagh Fogarty about his personal experience of knife crime.

During the moving call he revealed he lost his son James just two years ago in a "motiveless" stabbing.

Mark said his son was walking along the road talking on the phone to his girlfriend when he was attacked by two brothers.

James, the victim, did not know his attackers, one of whom was only 17 at the time.

The caller said he did not think the criminal justice system had attempted to find the truth, he told Shelagh that the attack was "motiveless."

Mark said he had lost a son, and had "no way of getting to the truth."

Looking deeper into the cause of violence Mark said that the breakup of the family was at the "centre of all this."

Telling LBC that he thought a "public health approach" was the "only way to break the cycle" of violence, suggesting that "education" would help.

When Shelagh asked Mark how he and his family were doing now he said it would be two years on Sunday and "we are still completely broken and we will be for the rest of our days."

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