Is Labour anti-business? Small business chief responds to the manifesto

21 November 2019, 18:19

Small business chief responds to Labour's general election manifesto which promises vast tax and spending pledges.

"Do you believe that Labour has an anti-business streak to it?" Shelagh asked Mike Cherry, Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman.

Cherry said they welcome some of Labour's initiatives, such as reform of business rates and late payment; "late payment as we know has been a major issue for far too many businesses for far too long.

"We see to have an endemic culture in this country, so damaging to small businesses because when they're paid late they can't pay their own bills."

He said they have also seen the Lib Dem proposal and the Conservatives are releasing their manifesto on Sunday.

"I believe that Labour's yet to come forward with its small business manifesto and obviously a lot of the points we've been inputting to all the parties, we hope it will not only be in their manifestos, but also it's then the delivery of whoever forms the next government that we shall be very much holding them to task on."